Frequently Asked Questions


How does the test work?

You will collect about 30 strands of hair (1 tsp) or 10 nail clippings and swab the inside of your cheek.  Everything you need is included in the test kit and you just drop it in the mail.

How long does it take to get the results?

It takes about 3 weeks once the lab receives your kit in the mail

Do I have to be a patient or live in N.C.?

No! We can mail you the kit and contact you once the report is in. We email you the report and schedule a phone consultation to go over the results.

What does BioUnique test for?

A. Hormonal Imbalances
B. Cellular stress on 14 organs and systems
C. Nutritional Deficiencies
D. 600 Food and Environmental sensitivities
E. Toxins (bacteria, mold, viruses, chemicals, parasites and metals)

How do I know if this test is for me?

This test is perfect for those who are dealing with:

  • Stubborn health issues

  • Complicated and often changing symptoms

  • Stubborn weight loss

  • Curious is there is an unsuspecting organism present

  • Suspecting a hormone imbalance

  • Food Sensitivities – but not sure which one

  • Significant emotional or behavioral issue

  • Any chronic health concern

Should I be retested?

After the first results you will begin the supplements and changes recommended. After about three months we do recommend taking the test again to see how your body is repairing itself, but that is completely up to the individual.